Friday night at the club

“Will you take my photo, for the membership?” he asked.

“What membership?” I responded.

“C’mon.  The Flash Fridays club membership.  I see you here every week taking photos, getting numbers, birthdays.  Flirting with the men who buy drinks for you, which you shoot behind that plant over there, because I guess they don’t like you getting on the sauce while you’re on the job,” he said.

“You’re here every week?” I asked.

“Well, when I get in.  You’re here whenever I come, I mean.  I don’t want to come here every Friday, actually.  I’m busy with other things” he said.

“Look, I’m going to be straight with you.  I’m meant to be selective with this whole ‘membership’ business.  Which means signing up girls for the most part.  And then, only signing up guys if they’re really good looking.  Which is not to say that you’re not attractive.  But, I can essentially only sign up guys if they’re models.  Or, if they’re buying models rounds of drinks.  Hear me?” I said.

“What do you get if you’re a member anyway?” he asked.

“Free entry before 10:30pm on Fridays, inivitation to our special members only nights, and priority entry at all other times,” I said.

“Well I’m in aren’t I?  I got in tonight.  It’s discrimination if I can’t get a membership, I’ll sue you, actually I’ll sue ‘Boutique Nightclub’.  They’ve got deep pockets you see.  And you want to know how I know that?  I’m in law school.  I’ll be buying models drinks in no time.  I’m an investment.  You and Boutique could make a low risk, high return investment in me,” he said.

“My friend.  I like your persistence.  I want you to have a fun night tonight.  Here, have one of my free drink cards for all your balls and gusto and getting up in my face.  Perhaps buy a round for a pretty girl.  But, my boss checks the photos I take of people for their membership cards, and scrutinises my scrutinisation.  He says I need to have good taste.  Not just any Tom, Dick or Harry, he says.  So here, take a drink card and have a good night.  And be grateful you’re not here every week because, I’m not sure if you notice this, but they play the same 90s songs, at the same time, in the same order, EVERY WEEK” I said.

“Can I ask you one more thing?” he said.

“Sure,” I said.

“Would you mind if I bought you a drink?”