Life over coffee on Bowery st.

One woman has sleek black hair which she plays with constantly, shaped brows and a structured I-mean-business leather bag - a Hermès?  The other is altogether more mousey, more desperate in her posture and with her words - she wants to be set up on a date.  Advised.  Chastised.  Sleek hair is more confident - she already has a date.  It’s on Sunday.  Their conversation runs at a million miles an hour.  It’s content leaps across caverns in a way only possible between 2 very good friends.

“Who’s on the board?  I haven’t seen him in months… I ran into him in Israel for Rosh Hashanah…I couldn’t believe it.”  He was like “What are you doing here?”  And I was like “What are YOU doing here?”  “He’s on the board also.”  

“How old is he?  What does he do? Is he friends with Pippy, Chelsea?  I know her.  I’m in her sisters wedding”.  

“Where did she meet her fiance?”

“In New York.  He’s been in love with her since the day he laid eyes on her.  She broke up with him though.  For law school.  But his feelings were like, insane still.  It’s amazing.  It’s like 6 degrees of separation”.  Sleek hair rests a hand on her ankle, making circles with her feet in patent ballet flats.  

Both pick delicately at Paleo muffins.  

“It was like, so awkward, because Tania’s brother dated her ex best friend.  Lucky we’d all just gone to college.  I was just in her wedding in May.  It’s ridiculous.  My best friend’s bridal shower is next weekend.  It’s costing $35,000”.

“That’s ridiculous”.  Stroking the curled edge of her napkin.

“I’m so excited”, sleek hair takes lip gloss from her clutch, smoothing it over her bottom lip first, then the top lip.  “And I have to wear red.  But I like, found a crimson dress.  And she like, won’t let me wear it.  I’ll find something new. But look at the crimson, I was kind of like, c’mon, why do you have to be such a bridezilla?”

“I mean I can stay wherever the hell I want for this wedding.  But I’m in the bridal party so I like need to be close.  So I’m paying, like, $500 a night.  The 4 seasons is like $750.  I was like no way.  I don’t have that kind of money.  I mean if I had a date I could like split it, but I don’t.  Hahahahahaha”.  Mousey laughs a little hollow, it cuts her deep that she doesn’t have a date.  

“You’ll actually love this: two guys.  Two of the hottest guys ever let me share their cab last night.   It was like So Great.  Like so so Great.  And like the cab driver would have totally called the police if anything went down”.

“Lauren dated a guy she met on the street.  She’s had like 10 million weddings to go to with him this year”.

“I was travelling all summer and then I was in the Hamptons for August.  Still nothing”.

“It doesn’t have to happen yesterday.  Just calm down”.  Sleek hair subdues mousey’s mounting anxiety.

The big news: “I have a date on Sunday night.  He’s 32. From LA.  He went to Harvard undergrad.  He has investments in Asia.  His cousin is Lauren’s best friend.  Listen, I’m excited”.

Mousey interrogates, seeking guidance: “How did you meet him?  When did Lauren introduce you?  Are you, is it?  Like, do you really like him”.

“Ugh I mean I’m a little scarred you know.  My parents have scared me.  The whole thing is scary.  They had like an 8 year divorce.  In that situation my mum should have just started working again.  My dad is the hardest working person I know.  My dad was giving her enough that if she just didn’t go crazy it would’ve been fine.  But she went crazy and here we are 8 years later”.

Sleek hair tempers expectations about the date with her parents marital crisis: “I’m in no rush to get married.  The truth is if you’re not in the right relationship, doesn’t matter if you have kids or whatever, just get out.  It’s that simple”.

Despite this, mousey’s keen: “But if you have anyone you want to set me up with just let me know.  I’m 27 and I graduated in 2010.  I need someone who has a good personality.  Someone like 30.  My cut off now is like 33.  I’ve met a couple of guys who are divorced with kids.  And I like don’t do kids.  Like we’re too young for kids.  We’re not in the headspace for kids”.

“My dad is obviously helping me right now.  But like he won’t be forever”.